2021 Coyote Creek Concours d'Elegance

Vehicle Class list

Celebrating the Fabulous American Fins and the lovely Boots & Bonnets of British Sport Cars

Fabulous Fins 1949-1965

SCCA Judging

FF1: 1949 through 1951

FF2: 1952 through 1957

FF3: 1958 through 1960

FF4: 1961 through 1965

American Manufacturer

SCCA Judging

AM1: American Manufacturer Pre-War Open and Closed

AM2: American Manufacturer 1945 –1954

AM3: American Manufacturer 1955 –1964

AM4: American Manufacturer 1965 -1970

AM5: American Manufacturer 1971 -1990


SCCA Judging

VW1: Pre-1967

VW2: 1968-1979 air-cooled

Imported Cars

SCCA Judging

IP1: Imported Passenger Pre-war

IS1: Imported Sport Pre-war

IS2: Imported Sport 1945 through 1955

IS3: Imported Sport 1956 through 1990 Under $7K When New

IS4: Imported Sport 1956 through 1991 Over $7K When New

IP2: Imported Passenger 1945 through 1955

IP3: Imported Passenger 1956 through 1990 Under $7K When New

IP4: Imported Passenger 1956 through 1990 Over $7K When New

Japanese Cars

Japanese Car Judging

JC1: 1958-1974

JC2: 1975-1990

GenXcellent Cars of the 1980’s

Honorary Judging

GE: 1980’s

Tiny Cars

SCCA Judging

Q: through 1990 (1601 CC or under)

Preservation Cars

SCCA Judging

U: through 1990

Starting Grid Display (formerly The Corral)

Not Judged - Perfect for Car Clubs

D: Starting Grid

Special Exhibits

Honorary Judges

Commercial Vehicles and Tow Trucks (Factory restored or preservation through 1987)

British Sport Cars 1947-1965

SCCA Judging

BM 1: 1947 through 1951

BM 2: 1952 through 1957

BM 3: 1958 through 1960

BM 4: 1961 through 1964


Ferrari Judging

F1: 6 & 8 Cylinder 1974 through 1994

F2: 8 Cylinder 1995 through 2007

F3: 12 Cylinder through 1975

F4: 12 Cylinder 1976 through 2007

F5: Preservation through 1990


Special Guest Judge

FB: Tribute to Ford Bronco 1965-2020

FM: Tribute to Ford Mustang 1964½-2020


SCCA Judging

RRB1: Rolls-Royce/Bentley Pre-War

RRB2: Rolls-Royce/Bentley Post-War


SCCA Judging

M1: Motorcycles Vintage through 1969

M2: Motorcycles Street Bikes through 1990

M3: Enduro Offroad through 1990

M4: Racer through 1990

M5: Over 1991 and Customs (Not Judged)

M6: Preservation through 1990

Pony Cars

SCCA Judging

PC: through 1990

Race Cars

SCCA Judging

R: through 1990

Exotics and Etceterini

SCCA Judging

EX: to present

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Class List

An extensive class list for judged and non-judged automobiles.