Vehicle Classes

2019 Coyote Creek Concours d'Elegance Vehicle Class list

Our featured marques are Corvette and Ferrari. A host of other classes will join these important cars that include: American Sports Cars, Pre and Post War, Imported Sports and Passenger Cars, Preservation Class, Rolls-Royce/Bentley, Exotics, Race Cars, Motorcycles, and Special Displays.

New classes for 2019 include: Gen-Excellent Cars (Cars of the ‘80s and 90s), Electric Propulsion, Pony Cars, CCCA, Exotics, a display only corral for rods and customs, and Cars of Morgan Hill/Gilroy.


Corvette Club Judging

C1: 1953 through 1962

C2: 1963 through 1967

C3: 1968 through 1982

C4: 1984 through 1996

C5: 1997 through 2004

C6: 2005 through 2013

C7: 2014 to present


Ferrari Club Judging

F1: 4-6 Cylinder through 1974

F2: 8 Cylinder 1975 through 1994

F3: 8 Cylinder 1995 through 2006

F4: 12 Cylinder through 1975

F5: 12 Cylinder 1976 through 2006

F6: Preservation

F7: 2007 to present (Display not judged)

CCCA 1924 through 1948

CCCA Club Judging

CCCA1: Approved Classics–Open

CCCA2: Approved Classics–Closed

American Manufacturer

SCCA Judging

AM1: Pre-War (Open/Closed)

AM2: 1945-1954

AM3: 1955-1964

AM4: 1965-1987

PC: Pony Cars

SCCA Judging

Mustang, Camaro, Firebird, Challenger, Barracuda and AMC (Small Block 283-350ci through 1973)

Imported Cars

SCCA Judging

IS1: Imported Pre-War

IS2: Imported Sports 1945-1955

IS3: Imported Sports 1956-1987 Under $7K When New

IS4: Imported Sports 1956-1987 Over $7K When New

IP1: Imported Passenger 1945-1955

IP2: Imported Passenger 1956-1987 Under $7K When New

IP3: Imported Passenger 1956-1987 Over $7K When New

Japanese Cars

JC1: 1958-1974

JC2: 1975-1999

British Cars

SCCA Judging

B1: Sports Cars 1945 - 1955

B2: Sports Cars 1956-1987 Under $7K when new

B3: Sports Cars 1956-1987 Over $7K when new

B4: Passenger and Touring Cars 1956 -1987 Under $7K when new

B5: Passenger and Touring 1956-1987 Between $7K to $14K when new

B6: Passenger and Touring 1956 -1987 Over $14K when new


SCCA Judging

RRB1: Pre-war

RRB2: Post-war

EC: Electric Cars - Electric Propulsion

Not Judged

EX: Exotics

Honorary Judge

GenXcellent (Show Quality)

Honorary Judge

GE1: Cars of the ‘80s

GE2: Cars of the ‘90s

Preservation Class

SCCA Judging

U: Through 1987

R: Race Cars

SCCA Judging

Motorcycles thru 1987

SCCA Judging

M1: Vintage through 1969

M2: Classic Street Bikes through 1987

M3: Enduro through 1987

M4: Offroad through 1987

M5: Customs

CMG: Cars of Morgan Hill and Gilroy

Honorary Judge

D: Corral Display only

Display Only