2020 Coyote Creek Concours d'Elegance

Vehicle Class list

Celebrating the Cars of General Motors and British Motor Cars.

General Motors

SCCA Judging

GM1: General Motors Pre-War Open and Closed

GM2: General Motors 1945 through 1954

GM3: General Motors 1955 through 1964

GM4: General Motors 1965 through 1987

American Manufacturer Other than GM Cars

SCCA Judging

AM1: American Manufacturer Pre-War Open and Closed

AM2: American Manufacturer 1945 –1954

AM3: American Manufacturer 1955 –1964

AM4: American Manufacturer 1965-1987

GenXcellent Cars of the 1980’s and ‘90s

Honorary Judging

GE1: 1980’s

GE2: 1990’s

Imported Cars other than British Cars

SCCA Judging

IP1: Imported Passenger Pre-war

IS1: Imported Sports Pre-war

IS2: Imported Sports 1945 through 1955

IS3: Imported Sports 1956 through 1987 Under $7K When New

IS4: Imported Sports 1956 through 1987 Over $7K When New

IP2: Imported Passenger 1945 through 1955

IP3: Imported Passenger 1956 through 1987 Under $7K When


IP4: Imported Passenger 1956 through 1987 Over $7K When New

Pony Cars

SCCA Judging

PC: Pony Cars through 1987

Race Cars

SCCA Judging

R: Race Cars through 1987

Starting Grid Display (formerly The Corral)

Not Judged

D: Starting Grid Display only

Special Exhibits

Honorary Judges

Etceterini (Iso Griffin, Bizzarini etc.)

Vintage Trucks (excluding 18 wheelers) and Commercial Vehicles and Tow Trucks (Factory restored or preservation through 1987)

British Motor Cars

SCCA Judging

BM1: British Cars Pre-War

BM2: British Cars 1945 through 1955

BM3: British Cars 1956 through 1987 Under $7K When New

BM4: British Cars 1956 through 1987 Over $7K When New

RRB1: Rolls-Royce/Bentley Pre-War

RRB2: Rolls-Royce/Bentley Post-War


Honorary Judging

EX: Exotics to present


Ferrari Judging

F1: 6 & 8 Cylinder through 1976

F2: 8 Cylinder 1977 through 2009

F3: 12 Cylinder through 1976

F4: 12 Cylinder 1977 through 2009

F5: Preservation

Japanese Cars

Japanese Car judges

JC1: 1958-1974

JC2: 1975-1999


SCCA Judging

M1: Motorcycles Vintage through 1969

M2: Motorcycles Street Bikes through 1987

M3: Enduro Offroad through 1987

M4: Racer through 1987

M5: Over 1987 and Customs (Not Judged)

M6: Preservation through 1987

Tiny Cars

SCCA Judging

Q: Tiny Cars through 1987 (1601 cc & under)

Preservation Cars

SCCA Judging

U: Preservation Cars through 1987

The Event

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Class List

An extensive class list for judged and non-judged automobiles.